lunes, 21 de abril de 2014


Hey, the sunrise makes you as never
with simple trimmings as simple as my fear.

Reading the process of her skin,
whose wings are too raptors as the bird,
were the best name which I can leave being for a while.

There is no necessity to close from the back and legs, without
forget her bones, her eyes, those dreamers, which anybody may get,
but some of them only may imagine when the rest is blind.

Hey, it is tiring, that each day makes me old, as old as my mools.
Manners, forms, always manners, always go to my light existence,
all life is saved in her name."

3 comentarios:

kriztian Gakan dijo...

i love to read about you
but, the next time in spanish please

elisa lichazul dijo...

me alegro de tu huella
abrazos energéticos

voy a habilitar el traductor
yo con suerte hablo español y chileno aperrao jajaja

Constanza Burgos dijo...

jajajajaja lo siento, tenía ese texto en inglés hace tiempo y como ando inglés- español todo tiempo...

Pero subiré en español.

Gracias Elisa por el blog.